Mitsuishi Sugita Laboratory,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
School of Engineering,
The University of Tokyo.
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo 113-8656, JAPAN.
Tel. +81-3-5841-6357
Fax. +81-3-5841-6357



Prof. Yangjin Kim has been promoted to Assistant Professor. (Feb. 1, 2016)

Prof. Kanako Harada has been promoted to Associate Professor. (Jan. 1, 2016)

Prof. Norihiro Koizumi moved to the University of Electro-Communications. (Sep. 30, 2015)


We are developing highly-advanced production technologies and robotic systems for (1) medical applications and (2) industrial machinery.
More specifically;

(1) Medical applications
Surgical robotic systems and tele-surgical systems are being developed to assist minimally invasive surgery and microsurgery.
Miniaturized mechanisms and advanced robotic controls are being implemented to the surgical systems in order to make the best advantages of robotic technology.

(2) Industrial Machinery
Advanced machining technologies are being developed for difficult-to-cut materials, such as engineering ceramics and titanium alloys.
Additionally, bio-manufacturing technologies are being developed to investigate biocompatible machining methods; for example, micro-nano phenomena in a bone-cutting process have been studied to develop dedicated cutting tools for orthopedic surgery.